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To prove I am not a bot: What is the capital of Spain? The correct answer is both Madrid and S.

I am not brain dead but that doesn't mean I have full functionality. Did anyone try the S answer?

Had I answered S is the capital of Spain, this would have been proof of concept and ensured access to the utmost Deplorobrillia.

How does one submit a paper for peer review?

Inquiry into temperature records

In April 2015 the GWP Foundation announced it was "launching a major inquiry into the integrity of the official global surface temperature records",[27][28] under the chairmanship of Terence Kealey, a member of their advisory council.[29] Submissions were invited, all of which would be published. In July 2015 the review announced that it had decided that its principal output will be peer-reviewed papers rather than a report.[30] As of February 2017, the project's website lists no submissions.[31]

Is Hollywood Doomed?

I initially watched this video to compare how well it relates to writing a novel or short story

He quickly runs through a comparison of old films and the introduction of television. The denouement there surprised me. Towards the end he explained why the Mobile Phone is going to replace the family sitting quietly in the dark living separate lives staring at a screen. I was at the limit of my attention span by then. Fortunately it is only an half hour video -which marks my spot on the entertainment business; I was born to write short stories. Which is a good thing (for me) because I found the subject of this video interesting but I had my story for Friday by then and here it is: 500 words

This is the second time I tried to post this!


On Thursday, 28 November 2019 11:12:55 UTC, Alastair B. McDonald wrote: > "Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at an all-time high, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The last time the Earth experienced concentrations of CO2 near today’s levels was millions of years ago when temperatures were 2-3 degrees Celsius warmer and than sea level was 10-20 meters higher. Scary? Yes. Yes, it is. – via NBC News"!topic/

Always assuming the minuscule amount that it takes to make the flowerpots orgasm can affect local temperatures at around sea level long enough to melt thousands of tons of ice....

...How on earth does anyone prove that carbon dioxide is the culprit rather than directed energy weapons that require huge seaport facilities filled with MAERSK containers to accomplish? NBC = Not a Bloody Clue.

If I am right

This is the mechanism for a violent eruption. The line of Lows stretching from the Aleutian Low to the Icelandic Low reaches record depth as in here where the skies look supersaturated. In this case saturation has come from theicebound higher latitudes in the Arctic.

Trustee from the toolroom

I was up all night reading this: I only put it down when I finished it just now some 24 hours later.

As well as containing some weather lore and a detailed account of a small ship at sea in a storm, it draws the contrasts between British and American mindsets and Britain's and America's economy.

I believe it should be mandatory teaching in every fourth form in both countries (all countries.) I read it a few years before I became interested in the weather. It help get me into gear.

gerald frost Highlighted reply gerald frost 53 minutes ago It's a work/study requirement. in that extra hour.... learn to code. Michael McNeil Michael McNeil 52 minutes ago (edited) @gerald frost

There is a massive problem with JavaScript, which is all they will teach you these days. Besides needing to be mentally retarded with Aspergers Syndrome, coders need to be unable to think past the point of sale. The Problem: Volcanic Eruptions upset modern block coding. I assume this design flaw is built in as most of the mass shooters seem to be affected by the condition.

I am daft enough into this to imagine worse: Volcanic eruptions might be timed to take place during elections.

The cure = help from god.

The Proof: Tropical storms occur something like two weeks after suitable earthquakes in the Southern Ocean > = seiche changing currents > = 6-DEC-2019 W Indian AA ridge swarm = 29 December 2019 triple cored TS. this will be interesting so stick with it.

Compare 17-NOV = 30th November and 11-NOV = 24th November spelling and maths corrected. (It is hard to count when you have gout and can hardly take your shoes off.) If anyone has nothing better to do why not post lists like this going back years. A greater cloud of witnesses like a swarm of locusts would convince even liberals

Just joking. Nothing will convince a madman he's a fool. (Believe me I know:~)

Behrent Sea Anomaly

I picked up a new or previously unnoticed anomaly here: It could just mean that a previously extinct volcano like: New explosive-effusive activity at Nishinoshima volcano, Japan is happening or it could be a major activity like a VEI 6+. I am as new to this stuff as anyone else so I am not going to stick my neck out again. Serious earthquake chasers might like to be reminded that activity in the Izu-Bonin region some 12 south of Japan was the precursor of the Superquake there some years back. Look for M5 activity around October November prior to March 11, 2011.

Some time between the 11th and 12th December on here:

This one is prettier than the Australian: Shows the same thing though: Eruption about the 12th.

Barbeque/Kebaab shish!

​How quickly do you think your children could get a meal out of one of these if they had to make it themselves from scratch?

Find a couple of cans: You want a drum that holds a bout 6 litres and a skillet to sit inside it with gap between them and some way to get at the inner pan when it is ready to use. The larger drum acts as a jacket and chimney to allow air in from an hole in the bottom. Fuel in the bottom heats the inner cooking pan.

The inner pan would need to sit on a safe block or bricks of some sort, or a welded rim inside the jacket, to make sure it is safe from falling over.

Kids love playing with fire, be sure they learn safe Barbeque techniques. Also if you live in California or another third world country you may like to learn these methods to feed your family.

The products shown are a confidence trick out of the Democrat cartel but the idea works: You can literally make them for nothing

You can literally make them for nothing. You can use any dry fuel from cow dung to waste paper, charcoal to cardboard, twigs and leaves to sawdust. If the lid of the cooking pot is tightly sealed you imaginemay even use oil but coal or waste oil will eventually taint your food unless the inner pan is some sort of pressure cooker.

Butterfly Effect Resolution of the three body problem can most easily be found if you consider the complete n-body problem. The alternative theory is ruinous.

Ensembles are designed to allow the chief forecaster to make a mess using statistics. A "best case mess" is no solution. You just end up with bigger and bigger messes. You need to slice through the Gordian Knot at its base. You only have to cut the one string like that.

Some memes behind Butterfly Effect are true. For the example of the tyranasaurus, it applies to corrupt officials and dates from the sin of Canaan, Noah's son. And for the Spinners, that one is not in the least bit likely, as gas motion transmits as heat rather than wind and heat is quickly eliminated upwards. The input/output for earth's budget is instantaneously balanced each day.

Laplace's Demon is fairly easily resolved in weather charts. I like to use the Met Office Sea Level: but only because of familiarity, You might do better with something more local.

Not knowing any better I have been calling Phase Space "Jump States" from a paper I read about fluid mechanics a long time ago. The "Fixed-Point Attractor" can be found on the North Atlantic chart as a cyclone reaching peak conditions, just before a Greenland High comes out of solution.

I doubt Newton would have resolved it without the Internet. If he had had that, it would have been a given no question. Newton was still in the dark age and the true knowledge was sealed by the angel Daniel spoke with, for the time of Revelation.

The resolution of the pendulums shown was cut off before the ideal pattern was clear; that of a butterfly. This pattern appears in the MetO charts as the instigator of a volcanic eruption series. At this point of the multi-decadal cycle with all the interference from anthropomorphic factors, it is all volcanics. In the other part of it, it is larger and more finite earthquakes. (I may be wrong I have lost all my records and anyway dislike going back.)

It would be nice to live in a time where there is no messing with the weather so that we could see without having to cope with interference. Too late for me I think.

Game Over

When President Triumph started using Twitter to get his message through past the fake news, Twitter responded by blocking him.

President Trump responded by banning som of his more unsavoury responders.

Some of those trolling him were responsible for what happened next. The president was put on trial for removing correspondence from material that is subject to US Federal jurisdiction. He was not allowed to delete anyone from his tweets.

Now and forever it is enshrined that nobody has the right to remove official correspondence or interfere in any way with it.

If you want to get any messages though deep state censorship these days, all you have to do is append the message to one of the deepstate websites and it is untouchable....

Provided it is covered by US Federal law it will not be masked, shadow banned or deleted. Yes the Chinese can murder anyone they like and steal the body parts and everything else. But if the words are enshrined on Google or Twitter, they are golden.

And that is why the gold of Eden was mentioned in the bible. JUST SO THAT YOU WOULD KNOW!

Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body but not the soul. People who die for their brothers are gold because Jesus decides who his brothers are.

If I am right too

Does anyone know when we last had a 5.5 pointer. The longer we go without, the bigger the final eruption will be.

Add two weeks for tornadoes or Atlantic hurricanes:


  (Shows interactive map)  	  IRIS ID
 (Other info)

10-DEC-2019 02:08:26 -60.76 -25.72 4.9 10 0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION 11155978 06-DEC-2019 10:24:39 -58.51 -24.34 5.1 10 262 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION 11154726 11-NOV-2019 00:28:03 -57.96 -25.64 4.7 77 311 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION 11149762 17-NOV-2019 09:22:49 -56.83 -24.93 4.6 10 439 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION 11152318 10-NOV-2019 13:59:42 -55.60 -27.57 4.9 33 584 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION 11144632

It will be interesting to compare these for the efect of distance as they are about the same magnitude:


  (Shows interactive map)  	  IRIS ID
 (Other info)

09-DEC-2019 17:59:47 -52.84 11.42 5.6 10 0 SOUTHWEST OF AFRICA 11155800 17-NOV-2019 06:18:34 -54.08 6.13 5.4 10 376 BOUVET ISLAND REGION 11146846