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[/news/boris_johnson/index.html Boris Johnson] fears a second wave of [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus] could start within a fortnight.
A senior tour đài loan từ hà nội government source told the Mail the Prime Minister was 'extremely concerned' by outbreaks 'bubbling up', both at home and abroad.
Although the number of UK cases is relatively low, rises were recorded each day last week for the first time since the April peak. 
The seven-day average stands at almost 700 - 28 per cent up on three weeks ago.
Ministers have been warning of a potential second wave of the pandemic this winter but now fear it could come sooner.
On a visit to Nottingham yesterday, Mr Johnson said Britons must not drop their guard.
He added: 'The most important thing is for everybody in all communities to heed the advice, to follow the advice, not to be spreading it accidentally and get it right down and we'll be able to ease the restrictions across the country.
'But clearly we now face, I'm afraid, the threat of a second wave in other parts of Europe and we just have to be vigilant.'
Boris Johnson pictured on a visit to Nottingham on Tuesday where he expressed fears over a second Covid-19 onslaught

Mr Johnson is said to have been spooked by the resurgence of the virus in parts of the United States and Europe following the easing of lockdown. 
Cases in Spain doubled last week while the Belgian government warned of a second 'complete lockdown' unless outbreaks come under control.
The head of Germany's public health agency yesterday said he was 'very concerned' by rising infection levels.
A Downing Street source said: 'The PM is extremely concerned by what he's seeing abroad and fears we could be seeing the same thing here in a fortnight.
'People have got to realise we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

He wants to go further on opening things up and getting people back to work, but he knows it'll be his head on the block if things go wrong.'
As a report from MPs condemned the Government's 'reckless and appalling error' in allowing 25,000 pensioners to be discharged to care homes without testing:
Spain reacted angrily to the UK's decision to warn tourists against travelling to the country, with prime minister Pedro Sanchez saying it was 'unjust';A deal is expected this morning for the purchase of millions of doses of another promising vaccine candidate; Ministers will meet tomorrow to decide whether to extend travel restrictions further, with Belgium, Luxembourg and Croatia all said to be sources of concern;Oldham became the latest town to impose local restrictions to halt the spread of the virus; Another 119 Covid-related deaths were recorded in the UK; The quarantine period may be cut from 14 days to ten to ease the pressure on the economy and individuals. Whitehall sources yesterday confirmed that Mr Johnson's caution showed itself in the controversial decision to extend the travel ban on Spain to the country's Balearic and Canary islands, where case numbers are lower.
The decision has sparked a diplomatic clash with Spain, tour đài loan with Mr Sanchez saying tourists in most regions would be safer than they are in the UK.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab are both said to have opposed the move to extend the travel ban to the Spanish islands, only to be overruled by the Prime Minister on Monday.
The most up to date figures show the number of new cases is rocketing upwards in Spain. It announced 6,361 new cases over the weekend, up from 4,581 the previous weekend.

France announced 2,551 new coronavirus cases on Monday 
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has claimed that tourists are safer in his country than the UK.

These are the worst coronavirus hotspots in each country and the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people
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